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Church of Evangelistria and Agios Symeon

Square of Mayor Bizaros
The church of Evangelistria and Agios Symeon is located in the square of Mayor Bizaros (formerly Lemonia Square). The church was built in the mid-18th century (1751-1757) and is a private property. The church was named after its original founders, the Tourlinos family, a noble family from Crete. In the early 20th century, it was property of the Flampouriaris family, heirs of the Tourlinos, and was last bought by the Papazoglou family. It is a small one-room church with semicircular openings surrounded by stone frames and a circular skylight on the north wall. On its eastern side, the church borders on a single-storey house, now in ruins. An internal corridor crosses the ground floor of the house and leads from the square to the church. There is a double bell tower above the arc of the entrance on the square and the stone door. In its current state, it is a dilapidated church, and arbitrary works that took place have altered its structure. The church has been declared as historical landmark according to Ministerial Decision No. ΥΠΠΕ/Β1/Φ33/45981/1712/20-7-1979- Government Gazette 793/Β/14-9-1979.
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The church is closed and under maintenance.
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