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Terms of Use

Below is the text proposed to be posted on the and the terms of use governing the project.



The project’s website shall be the following:

The use of the first-person plural pronouns shall refer to the Interactive Arts Research Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Laboratory’). The use of the second-person plural pronouns shall refer to the visitors of the website. Terms shall refer to the following terms of use:



The Terms shall regulate the use of our website by you. Once you use the website, you accept the Terms in their entirety and without reservation. In case you disagree and do not wish to be bound by these Terms, you should not use the website. If the use of any service, transaction, application of the website is regulated by more specific terms of use, the said terms shall apply together with the general Terms. In case of conflict, the specific terms of use regulating certain services, transactions or application shall prevail.



The Laboratory reserves the right to amend the Terms whenever it deems it necessary and any amendment shall come into force upon its publication on the website. As a user, you are obliged to check if any amendments to the Terms take place and to accept them accordingly provided you continue to use the website after the posting of the newly amended Terms.



As users and visitors of the website, you are obliged to use it for legitimate purposes pursuant to the rules governing the Greek, European and international law, the rules governing telecommunications, in accordance with the instructions we post on the website, acting in good faith and in a way that is honest and faithful to the Terms. You are sole responsible for using the website which is provided as it is. The Laboratory bears responsibility for the website functionality and content. In no event, including the case of negligence, shall the Laboratory be liable for any damage that may be caused to you as a result of the use you make of the website and the information contained therein. The Laboratory has adopted strong measures to protect the website in accordance with international practice. However, we cannot guarantee your secure interconnection to our website as well as the absence of viruses, thus we bear no responsibility for any damage may be caused to your equipment, software, files or any other damage caused by a virus or other malware.



The trade name and other markings as well as the entire content of the website (excluding third-party rights) are considered to be our exclusive intellectual and industrial property rights, thus protected by the relevant Greek, European and international intellectual (intellectual and industrial) property law.

The content may include, but not limited to, text, graphics, photographs, videos, 3D renderings, information, data and software.

You may copy, store or print part of the website’s content, provided that you indicate its source of origin and that you use said content only for your own personal information and use. Under no circumstances shall such use be for commercial or other purposes.

This does not mean and cannot be interpreted as otherwise granting any intellectual property rights to third parties.

Any act or action taken without prior written consent which involves, but not limited to the copying, reproduction, deletion, republication, sale, transmission, distribution, performance, publication, uploading, translation, modification, as well as exploitation of any kind of material appearing and contained on the website is expressly prohibited. All other trademarks, markings and any products that fall under the category of third-party intellectual property that may appear on the website shall be the responsibility of their rightful owners and be adequately protected.



The website may contain hyperlinks (link, hyperlink, banner) to websites which belong to third parties. We are not responsible for managing said hyperlinks, and we cannot interfere in their content. Thus, we assume no responsibility for these websites and their content and we cannot provide you with any kind of guarantee, prompting or approval regarding them. The websites to which hyperlinks refer are governed by separate terms of use. For any further questions or any other issues that may arise as far as the use of these websites is concerned, please contact their operators.



The terms defined herein are governed by the Greek law. For the purpose of interpreting the Terms, any disputes that may arise shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Corfu. In the event that any of the Terms are deemed to be invalid or void, the remaining Terms shall not be affected thereby. They shall remain in force hereafter and shall normally apply.



The Terms defined herein have been drawn up in the Greek language and this is their original and authentic version. The Terms have been translated into the English language and should any difference between the Greek and English version occur, the Greek version shall prevail as the original and authentic one.





Terms of Use