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The Boschetto Garden (The Durrell Gardens)

Spianada SQ. Ꙛ This point of interest includes holographic video
Boschetto, the municipal garden located between Panagia Mandrakina and the entrance of the Old Fortress, owes its name to the Italian word boschetto which means grove. Visitors can enter the garden either from the main entrance on Agoniston Polytechniou St. or from a smaller entrance on the left side near the church of Panagia Mandrakina. In 2006, the Municipality of Corfu placed a plaque at the main entrance to honour the two British writers and philhellenes Lawrence and Gerald Durrell who lived in Corfu during the time period between 1935 and 1939. The busts of the notable Greek writers Lorentzos Mavilis and Konstantinos Theotokis, who came from Corfu, have also been placed in the garden. The statue of the British philhellene and founder of the Ionian Academy (1824) Frederic North Guilford has have also been placed on the site.The garden also hosts the municipal playground. The garden is ideal for a walk as has a remarkable view of the sea and the Old Fortress.
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Areas of Interest
Period of English Rule
Historic Centre
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Place for cultural events
Old town of Corfu A multicultural town (extended walking tour)
Spianada Square and its historic landmarks
It’s a seaside route extending from the Old to the New Fortress
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Visiting Hours
From dawn until sunset. Information: Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontian Islands, Tel: (+30) 26613 62782, Email:
This photograph has been created by the Laboratory of Interactive Arts of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University, in the framework of the project "Digital Tour Guide using Augmented Reality and Holograms", which is co-funded by the European Union, as part of the Operational Program "Ionian Islands 2014-2020", Integrated Information System: 5031254.

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