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Serbian House

19, Moustoxidou St
The Serbian House is a three-storey neoclassical building on 19 Moustoxidi St., known as Platy Kantouni (wide alleyway), in the heart of the Old Town of Corfu. In 1993, the building was granted to the Serbian state by the Municipality of Corfu. Today it hosts the Serbian Consulate and the Serbian Museum. The museum presents in detail the history of the Serbian nation through photographs, documents and other exhibits dating back to a period from September 1915 until the end of the War in 1918. Apart from its military role, Corfu island played an important role in the political history of Serbia. During World War I, about 150,000 men of the Serbian army took refuge on the islet of Vidos and Corfu island after being defeated by the Austro-Hungarian army. By the end of January 1916, Serbia had been occupied by the Austrians and the Bulgarians, a fact which led the Serbian government to settle in Corfu where it remained until the end of the war (11 January 1918). The Corfu Declaration was signed on Corfu island on 1 December 1918 and formed the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. References:
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