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General Corfu Archive Division- Public Central Library

Old Fortress
The Central Public Historic Library of Corfu is the oldest public library in Greece. It is located in the south wing of the former British barracks building in the Old Fortress area. The library was founded in the mid-18th century and was originally located in the Monastery of St. Justine in Garitsa (Kastrades). Several donations made by prominent people of Corfu gave a boost to the enrichment of the library. During French rule in the Ionian Islands (1797-1799), books from other monasteries were also added resulting in the Public Library of Corfu listing about 4,000 volumes. In October 1804, the library was transferred to the Latin Church of Virgin Mary of Tenedos, and in 1824 it was annexed to the newly founded Ionian Academy. The library was fist housed in the palace of the High Lord Commissioner and then in the Grimani barracks. Since 1864, it has been under the responsibility of the Greek Ministry of Education. During the Second World War, the library was destroyed. Following its re-establishment, it was housed for fifty years in the Old Palace and later moved temporarily to various locations. Since 1997, it has been housed in the British barracks building in the Old Fortress area.
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