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Statue of Schulenburg

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Matthias von der Schulenburg (1661-1747) was a German aristocrat and the last major general of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. During the last Turkish siege of 1716 when the Turks failed to occupy the island, he organized the defence system in Corfu. He built additional fortifications and took command of the army -trying to motivate soldiers- which consisted of 5,000 men in comparison with the opposing camp which numbered 33,000. For the victorious outcome of the siege and as a mark of honour, the Venetian Senate built the major’s statue while he was still alive, following a decision issued for this special situation. The statue is located to the left of the Old Fortress’ main entrance. Made of Carrara marble and designed in baroque style, the statue was created by the Venetian sculptor Antonio Corradini (1668-1745) and was intitially placed inside the Old Fortress, at the northwest corner of a small square located after crossing Dry Moat bridge. Later on, the British transferred the statue to Spianada next to the entrance of the Fortress. The marshal is depicted as a Roman soldier wearing an armour, a toga and a laurel wreath on his head. The statue is placed on a high pedestal decorated with engraved trophies. At the base of the statue, there is a Latin inscription mentioning the following: "Matthiae comiti de Sulemburgio, summo terrestrium copiarum praefecto Christianae rei publicae in Corcyrae obsidione laborantis fortissimo assertori adhuc viventi Senatus anno MDCCXVI die XII mensis septembris", that is: "In honour of Matthia, Count of Schulenburg, marshal of the land forces during the siege of Corfu, and brave defender of the Christian state while alive, the Senate on 12 September 1716". References/Reference list:
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