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Garden of the People

Garden of the People
The Garden of the People is a small municipal verdant place ideal for recreation, rest and relaxation. It is situated behind the Palace of St. Michael and St. George at the end of the Old Town and next to the church of Virgin Mary Mandrakina. On the eastern side of the garden, King George I Street connects to the municipal parking lot of the city, and Spianada square extends to the south. From the western side of the garden you can enjoy the view of the sea, Mandraki harbour, Vidos Island and the Old Fortress. In older times, it was called the Royal Gardens. A circular aerial staircase made of wrought iron had been installed to facilitate the descent from the garden to the sea, and was once used by the members of the royal family to go down to the baths. The Garden of the People hosts the bust of the Corfiot writer and jurist Spyros Plaskovitis, the bust of the Corfiot economist, academic and writer Andreas Andreadis, as well as a memorial to the dead Corfiots of World War II. The garden features stone alleys, tall trees and a variety of flowers. Benches have been placed in the area and the Municipal Art Gallery operates at the back side of the Palace. Various cultural events are held in the surrounding area.
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