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Kompitsi Mansion

43, Nikiforou Theotoki St
Kompitsi mansion is located on 43-49 Nikiforou Theotoki St., known as Calle d 'Erbe during Venetian rule. According to the inscription on the arc of the baroque entrance on the side of the building, Daniel Cobici built the mansion in 1680 which was then renovated in 1728. Although modifications and additions continued to take place, the mansion retains its original features to a large extent. It is a three-storey building with an arcade on the ground floor and symmetrical openings on the facades. The keystones at the apex of the arches of the arcade on Nikiforos Theotokis St., although later altered, are adorned with stone heads ("mourionia"). The first floor is simple as opposed to the second one, the layout of which refers to the standards of the Venetian Renaissance mansions with a bright reception hall in the center. Οn the third floor, there is a large hall with a fireplace made of gray stone from Trieste. The fourth floor was constructed later. The floors communicate with an interior staircase to the east of the building which is made of red Sinian stone. The mansion has also a garden, a feature that is not often found in town. Today, the mansion’s floors comprises apartments while on the ground floor there are shops and warehouses. References: Αγοροπούλου-Μπιρμπίλη Α., Η αρχιτεκτονική της πόλεως της Κέρκυρας κατά την περίοδο της Ενετοκρατίας, Αθήνα 1976, σ. 194-214.
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