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Church of Saint Vasileios and Saint Stefanos

76, Nikiforou Theotoki St
The Church of St. Vasileios and St. Stefanos is located on 76 Nikiforou Theotoki St. It was founded in May 1577 following the unification of two temples after the demolition of St. Stefanos church, the temple of guild of the shoemakers of Corfu, to serve the fortification of the town. On the side of the church which is on Nikiforos Theotokis St., a two-storey gallery was constructed on the floor which was later closed with glazing. The temple features an interesting iconostasis with remarkable icons. Τhe icon depicting the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, painted by Angelos Dimissianos dated 1794, is of great interest and is located on the north wall, near the iconostasis. The icon of Christ the Great Archpriest at the middle door is a work of Charalambos Kalogeropoulos painted in the early 19th century. The iconostasis was painted by G. Karmenakis in 1837. The icons adorning the "ourania" (illustrated roof) were painted by Nikolaos Aspiotis, a student of Pavlos Prossalentis. He painted the ourania of Saint Spyridon church at the exact same place where the artworks painted by the important painter Panagiotis Doxaras used to be placed.The date A.D. 1767 is engraved on the church’s bell tower. References: Δημουλάς, Γ.-Πουλής, Γ.: Χώροι λατρείας και κλήρος στην Κέρκυρα του 17ου αιώνα: Αρχειακά τεκμήρια. Κέρκυρα 2018, σελ. 99-100. Λυκίσσας, Μ.: Η Κέρκυρα: Εστία μεταβυζαντινής αγιογραφίας, Αθήνα 1960, σελ. 50-53, 75-81.
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